Coffee… Anyone?

Coffee… Anyone?

Coffee – a drink that I have developed a taste for in recent years. It was not love at first sight though. That dark and bitter fluid used to be a mysterious adult only drink the grown-ups partake ritualistically, every day, before work or before doing anything serious. It was something I never really caught on to stepping into my own adulthood perhaps because I didn’t really need it. I’d burnt through many midnight oil without needing a sip. To me it was a casual or social drink, consumed only during catching-up or bonding events.

I have to credit Starbucks for sparkling my real interest with coffee. First, with their sweet and flavoured drinks. Then, influenced by their ads and marketing, I began buying Starbucks whole coffee beans, hand ground them and started drinking black. Health was another reason as bad reputation for instant coffee was seriously picking up momentum.

Almost around the same time, 3rd wave coffee or specialty coffee began mushrooming in town. With friendly baristas readily willing to share and educate the unlearnt and undiscerning coffee drinkers like myself. I acquired a taste and was initiated into specialty coffee. I had never realised how fruity, sweet and flavourful coffee could be as is, without any additive. My perception towards coffee was forever changed.

I’m gladful and truly appreciate all who’d contributed to my learning in my coffee journey. Thank you very much!

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